We are delighted to supply a number of cafés in and around Victoria, BC with fresh granola, wee pots of porridge and our delicious SBG Protein Bars.
We are always adding new cafés to our list, so keep your eyes open for our products.
Do you have a favourite place you think might serve our granola? Do let us know!

Koffi, Haultain Street

Koffi coffee shop on Haultain St in Victoria BC

Macchiato, Broughton & Broad

Macchiato Caffe, Broughton & Broad Street, Victoria BC

Macchiato, Johnson & Blanshard 


Moka House, Cook Street Village

Moka House Coffee Shop, Cook Street Village, Victoria


Smith's Pub, 777 Courtney Street


If you would like to see our products at your local café,
please ask the manager to contact us.