GD Graphic Design

Hi there,

My name is Gavin Duncan, and I'm the graphic designer and website manager for Singing Bowl Granola and Treat Yourself Treats.

I've been designing with Adobe products since 1999. It's now the Creative Suite, but I started on Photoshop 4 at Birnam CD more than 20 years ago. My beginnings were designing CD booklets and discs, and posters and promotional materials.

I design for just about anything you can print. I spent 3 years in customer service at Island BluePrint in Victoria BC, and we printed old style from 4 colour film plates with Birnam CD, so I have an understanding of how the print side of things works.

I had a brief stint with Shopify as a tech 'guru' helping customers with their online stores, but I can't type fast enough to maintain 3 separate chats and a couple of team streams. I did get to the position by designing an online store on the Shopify platform. I understand the workings of Wordpress too.

My aim is to provide designs that are sustainable and long lived, as well as looking amazing and eye-catching.

So drop me a line at with details of your project, and I can create a mock-up to start with. If it works for you, we can discuss next steps and $$.

I look forward to your email.
Cheers for now , Gavvy D

GD Graphic Design