Giving Granola

Inspired by Victoria based Level Ground Trading's work with independent small-scale farmers, recently featured on CBC News, we felt that teaming up with this amazing company would be a great way to share our success with others who could use a little help. We created a recipe called Giving Granola, using Level Ground’s fair-trade, organic, tropical fruit. Giving Granola gets its name from the fact that the proceeds from this product are shared directly with the Colombian women who prepare the fruit at Level Ground’s sister company, Fruandes.
We have just sent our third cheque to Colombia with Hugo Cira of Fruandes, and it will be presented to another three "Faces of Fruandes"

The recipients of the 2016 Profit Sharing Award from sales of Giving Granola   The 2016 Recipients of the Profit Share
generated by sales of Giving Granola