NO NUTS Breakfast Box

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Mega Medley – Giving Granola – Canadian Classic Porridge

I don’t know how many times we’ve heard people bemoan the fact that they can never find granola that doesn’t have nuts. Obviously, they hadn’t discovered Singing Bowl Granola. We know lots of people love nuts in their granola, but we also know lots of people don’t. The NOT NUTS subscription box contains granola and porridge that doesn't have nuts. The Mega Medley is full of omega-rich seeds, coconut and coconut oil, but NO NUTS. And the Giving Granola, well, that tastes like piña colada (especially if you eat it with coconut milk or coconut yogurt!) – lots of tropical fruit, but still, NO NUTS. The Canadian Classic Specialty Porridge is made with organic, unsweetened dried apples, and organic Ceylon true cinnamon, and, you guessed it, NO NUTS. Not a nut to be found in this subscription box collection!

*** the products are packaged in premises where nuts are present ***