ONLY GRANOLA Breakfast Box

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Pick Your 3 Favourites

Choose your three favourite flavours of Singing Bowl Granola.
Feel free to change it up whenever you like.
Are you Gluten-intolerant? We can make all of our granolas using gluten-free 
oats* but it costs a little extra  

Were you one of those kids who was forced to eat grey, lukewarm slop for breakfast at camp? We come across a lot of folks who were completely traumatized by camp oatmeal, so we get it if you just can’t bear the thought of hot cereal. While our organic, instant Specialty Porridge bears absolutely no resemblance to what you were served as a kid, we won’t be offended if you prefer your breakfast box to consist of ONLY GRANOLA. With the ONLY GRANOLA Breakfast breakfast box, you get to pick and choose what flavours you want to be delivered to your doorstep each month. Sometimes Jessica can’t help herself and whips up a batch or two of Special Treats granola (usually involving chocolate) for a limited number of customers. With the ONLY GRANOLA subscription box, you will get the opportunity to choose one of these Special Treats as part of your monthly delivery.

MCMPMM : Morning Chorus, Maple Pecan, Mega Medley
MCMPGG :  Morning Chorus, Maple Pecan, Giving Granola
MCMMGG : Morning Chorus, Mega Medley, Giving Granola
MMMPGG : Mega Medley, Maple Pecan, Giving Granola