Mega Medley - Bucket Club

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With a melodious mix of super seeds and organic coconut oil, loaded with omega oils and “not too sweet”, Mega Medley is our healthiest granola. Served with milk (regular or plant-based) or yoghurt, this granola makes a delicious and healthy start to your day.  It’s also perfect as an ingredient for healthy muffins, or a wonderful fruit crumble topping.


Organic Rolled Oats (O); Honey; Sunflower Seeds; Coconut Oil (O); Pumpkin Seeds(O); Sesame Seeds (O); Shredded Coconut (O); Flax Seeds (O); Hemp Seeds (O); Chia Seeds (O)

Ingrédients: Flocons d’avoine (B); Miel; Graines de tournesol; Huile de Noix de Coco (B); Graines de citrouille (B); Graines de sesame (B); Noix de coco (B); Graines de lin (B); Graines de chanvre (B); Graines de chia (B)

O = Organic / B = Biologique