Start Your Day the Healthy Way

Oats are a superfood, the perfect start to a healthy day. With a steady release of energy and no sugar spike, a bowl of specialty organic porridge or hand crafted artisan granola is the ideal breakfast for young and old alike.

Artisan Granola and Specialty Organic Porridges

Singing Bowl Granola produces big taste, high quality artisan granolas and specialty organic porridges. We use organic oats from Canadian family-run farms,
and chemical-free natural ingredients to create our delicious granolas and porridges. Our products are handmade in small batches at our immaculate purpose-built commercial kitchen in Victoria, BC. We bake every week so that our artisan granola is always supplied fresh to order to store shelves and cafés.

So what is so special about our granolas and porridges?

Here at Singing Bowl Granola, we know how important it is to you to eat delicious, healthy, REAL FOOD. We know that our customer's have discerning taste and won't settle for anything mediocre. Like you, we care about where our food comes from and how it's made. We use organic oats from Farmer's Direct, an independent co-operative of Canadian farmers, and we continually look for the best quality, cleanest ingredients. We know that you want and deserve the absolute best for you and your family, and we promise that we will always do our best to make our granola perfectly delicious every time. 

Here at Singing Bowl Granola we are committed to:

                                                            Sourcing our ingredients ethically
                                                            Promoting good nutrition
Supporting our community
Keeping our customers happy



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