Here's what some of our lovely customers have to say about Singing Bowl Granola

“Singing Bowl has hit a home run with their delectable, melodious, harmonious granolas.” 
- Diane Shaskin, Co-founder, Planet Organic Markets

"I have been buying the Wheat-Free Morning Chorus for several months now, and my wife and I love it! We enjoy it with a plain Greek yoghurt for healthy fuel to start the day. The granola is always fresh and is a great snack when hiking or enjoying the outdoors. I've tried some of the other products (Singing Bowl Granola) produces and they are equally delicious. Try them - you won't be disappointed!"
- Neil Tomlinson, Regular Customer

"Best Granola EVER!" Janet B. from Toronto, Ontario

We know we make great granola, because people tell us so. Want to try some first before committing to buying a full bag? Here are the Cafés around Victoria who serve our artisan granola and specialty porridge. If your favourite place doesn't carry Singing Bowl Granola, please contact us and let us know and we'll see what we can do.