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Maple Pecan Duet is as simple and delicious as it sounds - maple syrup and chopped pecans combined in a perfect duet.  No fillers, and not too sweet, you can taste the clean, simple ingredients. Served with milk (regular or plant-based) or yoghurt, this granola makes a delicious and healthy start to your day. It’s also perfect as an ingredient for a healthy dessert combined with fruit & yoghurt, or a wonderful fruit crumble topping.

* If you choose the gluten free option we use organic oats from a mill that is exclusively used only for these oats. 


Organic Rolled Oats (O); Maple Syrup; Sunflower Oil; Pecans

Ingrédients: Flocons d’avoine biologique (B); Sirop d’érable; Huile de tournesol; Noix de Pécans

O = Organic / B = Biologique


Vegan; Cholesterol Free; Low in Saturates; Free of Trans Fats; Low in Sodium; High in fibre; Good source of Iron