SBG Bucket Club - Victoria ONLY

Convenient. Cost effective. Zero waste.

What is the SBG Bucket Club?

In our ever-growing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we introduced the SBG Bucket Club in 2019.  Since then, we have prevented thousands of disposable packages from ending up in recycle or landfill! 

The SBG Bucket Club is not a subscription, but an opportunity for you to save money and reduce waste by buying your granola in bulk in our re-usable containers whenever you want it. 
You can now buy our Paleo Bites by the bucket!

How does the SBG Bucket Club work?

You order a bucket of the granola or bites and mark either the ‘pick up’ or ‘deliver’ option at checkout.  Please note - we only deliver within 10km of downtown Victoria, BC.

When you are running low on granola, place your next order and we'll exchange your empty bucket with a full one. We then wash and sterilize your empty for re-use. 

Unfortunately we are not able ship buckets outside of the Greater Victoria Region, but we happily offer free doorstep deliveries within the region.