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We’re deep into Pride month, and I’ve been hemming and ha-ing for weeks about whether or not it’s appropriate for me to post a rainbow or trans flag on my Singing Bowl Granola social media pages. I’m ultra-wary of capitalizing on the experience of others, and am not wholly convinced that the political parties or any of the major banks that have rainbow-bedecked crews participating in every Pride Parade are true champions for the LGBTQ community. While I believe many companies and organizations do support diversity, I also suspect many others of jumping on board the rainbow wagon as a marketing ploy. Not cool.

Unable to decide whether or not to wave the flag, I sought the advice of those far wiser than myself on these matters – my trans son, my trans tenant and my trans employee. I needed to know their thoughts on cis-run businesses going all out for Pride. As usual, these young ‘uns gave me some profound insight into their world, clarifying a thing or two for me. The take away was, “Eeeww” to big corporations celebrating Pride as a marketing ploy, and, gratitude to the world showing greater acceptance.

Trans Flag

The Trans Flag has become a part of my everyday life as my son, my employee, my tenant, their friends, and many of my friends are either trans or non-binary.

So, for the remainder of Pride month and for the days and weeks and months and years to come, I think I will proudly post pictures of rainbows and trans flags. For, I am fiercely proud of my trans son who had the courage to come out to the world as his authentic self. I am proud of my young trans employee and all the other young trans people I know who have done the same. I am grateful to them for breaking through the gender barriers and for making this world a little safer for others who do not fit the traditional cis-gender mold. I am proud of my older gay friends who bravely came out before Pride was a thing and being openly gay was dangerous. I am proud of myself for happily outing my inner tiger mama and ferociously taking on any closed-minded teachers, my uptight stepmother, and anyone else who does not show proper respect to my kid.

Protect Trans Kids written on Trans Flag

This tiger mama will readily take on anyone trying to mess with my kid or his community. I'm here for the trans kids.

We live in remarkable times where the freedom to be ourselves is becoming increasingly accessible. Living in Victoria, BC, I tend to think that everyone is accepted for who they are, but I know that most of the world is not safe for the LGBTQ2 community. If hanging rainbows and attending the Pride parade helps to accelerate acceptance, then I’m happy to do my part. Besides, what’s not to love about a pretty rainbow? Happy Pride to all and may we all live with the love and respect we deserve.

Pride Flag waving in the sun


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