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I literally lol’ed when I saw this meme. On the same day that the CEO of Loblaws (I shall not say his name) got a multi-million dollar pay increase. On the same day the City of Vancouver paid gawd knows how much to dozens of cops to ‘sweep’ the DTES homeless encampment.  It was a case of lol or cry.  I actually did both.

Meme depicting a cruise ship on a private jet. Text says, Me: Sipping from a mushy straw to save the environment. Billionaires: cruise ship on jet image.

So April is Earth Month and in recognition of this noble effort to save planet Earth, I have decided to donate 1 cup of REALITY BITES to our local outreach teams for every bucket of granola I sell this month.  As you probably already know, there is no real environmental justice without real social justice. So, while we aren’t providing homes for the growing unhoused population, we can at least provide care through nourishment while doing our part for the planet.

Stacks of reusable buckets filled with Singing Bowl Granola.

Back to the mushy straws meme, though. I ask myself every day, why do I even bother reducing, reusing, recycling, etc.  The answer is always, “I do it for my kids.”  I carefully monitor my environmental impact because of the possibility that it just might save the planet for my kids and for all generations to come, but I also take these steps so that I can look my kids in the eye and truthfully tell them that I did my best for them.  I reduce, reuse and recycle, etc because it means that I am using fewer resources and creating less waste and that’s gotta be a good thing.  I do these things because it might inspire my friends and neighbours, customers and acquaintances to also pay attention to their environmental impact, and that might inspire folk they know.

The SBG Bucket Club is my eff-you to the billionaires who are carelessly laying waste to our precious planet. Since starting to sell granola by the bucket 4 years ago, I have saved hundreds of the plastic buckets that my coconut oil comes in from ending up in the dubious recycling system. I have saved thousands of cardboard boxes, cellophane liners and sticky labels from being produced just to end up in landfill (or the dubious recycling system).  All of this is only possible because of you and your love of my granola and your love of our planet.  Together, we are taking steps to make this planet healthier and safer for our kids and for generations to come.  Together, our efforts just might make a difference. If nothing else, together, we are creating some damned fine karma for ourselves.

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