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If you’ve bought a box of Singing Bowl Granola anytime in the last few years, you will have found one of our ‘love notes’ enclosed.  When Covid hit, you all came through hard to show your local small businesses some big love, and I wanted to reciprocate by letting you know that we love you back.  Each ‘love note’ is written from the heart, hopefully conveying my immense gratitude for every purchase that has kept our business afloat through the ups and downs of these past few tumultuous years.


Box of Singing Bowl Granola with 'love note' to the customer expressing our gratitude..

Since the start of the pandemic we have hand inserted notes of gratitude into every single box of granola.


I have a love/hate relationship with our actual granola boxes.  On the upside, they are beautifully designed by my very talented husband, we buy them from a BC company, and they allow us to add our little notes of gratitude.  However, our granola boxes, along with the cellophane liners and sticky labels, are all single-use items that require a great deal of energy and resources just to end up in the dubious recycle/landfill bins (Where do these really go when we’re done with them?).

On the other hand, I am insanely passionate about our buckets of granola.  I consider them a love letter to the planet.  When we reuse our coconut oil and peanut butter buckets and fill them with granola over and over again, we are telling the planet that we care, that we love her and we are doing what we can to ease her burden. Every month, thanks to our SBG Bucket Club sales, we divert an average of 500 boxes, liners and labels from use and ultimate disposal.  This may seem like a drop in the proverbial bucket in terms of saving the environment, but every full bucket everywhere is an actual collection of millions of indispensable drops. 

 Leah at Jucee shares my commitment to reducing waste and buys our granola by the bucket.

  Shout out to the good folk at Jucee, Zero Waste Emporium, The Local Refillery, Mile Zero Coffee & Level Ground Trading Tasting Room who share our commitment to reducing waste and buy our granola in reusable buckets.

The climate crisis is exhausting, so knowing where to channel our limited energy in our attempts to turn this disaster around can be overwhelming.  Having breakfast delivered to your doorstep in reusable containers is a planet saving step you can take that requires minimal energy on your part.  It may not feel like serious climate action, but every dollar we spend is a vote for the world we want to live in.  There is so much climate work to do that feels beyond our ability but choosing to reduce our packaging is something that we can do and it makes a difference. It is a reminder to the planet that we love her and we care for her wellbeing and we’re making the effort to help her heal.

 Love & gratitude,
Jessica (she/her)

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