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This is how it works.  I have the good fortune to be friends with some truly amazing humans who volunteer their time and their hearts to do street outreach, caring for our unhoused neighbours.  I also have the good fortune to be friends with another bunch of amazing humans who are part of the community I enjoy playing music with.

 There is so much need these days as our street population grows, and none of us is really equipped to do anything on our own that can come close to solving the woes these people experience. But together, we can make a difference. 

 Every year, as storm season hits, local street outreach teams put out a call for warm clothing to help those living without shelter survive the elements. Mainly, they ask for socks. Socks get wet. Socks get thrown out. Socks need replaced. Warm feet are vital to survival on the streets in the depths of winter. Yes to hats and coats and scarves and sweaters and gloves, but mainly yes to socks. New socks. Warm socks. Like most of you, I have always taken my socks for granted. Sure I snarl when they come out of the dryer mismatched, but otherwise, I don’t give them much thought. For folk without housing, though, clean, dry socks are a game changer. A life saver.

So, back to the amazing people I know. Last week my friend who does street outreach with AVI put out a call for socks. I wanted to answer the call but knew I couldn’t make much of an impact alone, so I shared that call with my music community, and boy howdy! did they ever come through.  I am so grateful to these fine folk who are helping other fine folk make life better for the fine folk who have found themselves on hard times.  Working together – this is how it works.

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