Covid-19 - We're All in This Together!

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Anyone with children of a certain age will have watched High School Musical ad nauseum and not thank me for reminding you of that catchy little number “We’re All in This Together”.  Sorry about that.

But, we actually are all in this together, and we’ve never been deeper in anything in living memory.  Life as we know it is kaput.  As much as we long for those High School Musical days, they are never coming back. We are living through perhaps the biggest challenge we will ever face.  And, as we try to navigate each day, some folk are going to struggle more than others, while others are better positioned to help out.

As you know, I have made it my mission from Day 1 to make sure I help those in need to the best of my ability.  Over the years, many, many of you have inquired as to how you could help with my SBG Porridge Project or providing healthy cookies for the homeless.  Now I am calling out to all of you to help me help others.  We have just added a “Give Now” button to our online store where, for $7.00, you can buy a box of Singing Bowl Granola that we will donate to local food banks.  Overnight, we are seeing hundreds of people lose their jobs, and they will need to eat.  The local shelters have had to close their doors to curb the spread of Covid-19, so the meal options they offered have dropped dramatically.  Now is the time for those of us who can to step up and help out any way we can.  If you are in a good position and want to support your community, I invite you to visit our website and buy a complete stranger a box of granola.

None of us know how this is going to turn out.  We do know that people – everyone – will need to eat every day.  As long as my team and I remain healthy, and we can access raw materials, we will do everything we can to keep Singing Bowl Granola alive. 

From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank every one of you who have supported us over the years and will continue to support us and help us support our community.

Sending virtual hugs,


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