Gone Camping?

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It seems like everyone I know has been going camping this summer. Personally, I don’t camp. Having grown up in a rustic cabin in the redwoods, with limited access to running water and a wood stove for heat, I prefer my creature comforts these days. But I salute all of you who have headed out into the wilderness this summer, staying local during the pandemic!

One of the province’s recommendations for traveling within British Columbia this summer is to bring as many of your own supplies as possible. A lot of the more remote communities have had difficulty just keeping themselves stocked with food and other essentials, so, whether you’re camping or just road-tripping, be sure to have a good supply of food with you.

Not that I would know from experience, but I’ve heard that granola is excellent camping food. Some of my friends have been taking our Singing Bowl Granola Bites and eating them for breakfast around the campfire. Others are happily enjoying bowls of granola with fresh BC fruit and/or yogurt. If you’re taking to the road for a few days, it’s nice to have a stash of something healthy to sustain you on your travels.

Singing Bowl Granola with yogurt and summer berries

Food always tastes better al fresco!

To thank you for doing your part to lower the curve while supporting BC businesses, I am continuing to offer you a 10% discount on all orders over $50.00 between now and Labour Day. Just use the code GONECAMPING at checkout to receive your discount. It's okay if you aren't actually going camping, but feel free to post a photo of you and your granola if you do!

Whatever you do, be kind, be calm and be safe. 

Cheers - Jessica



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