The Gift of Good Food

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Every. Single. Holiday. Birthday, Christmas, anniversary, I always ask for the same thing. Nothing. Unless it’s chocolate. Even as a non-shopping minimalist, my house is full of stuff. Stuff I did not seek out. Stuff I did not buy. Stuff that my kind and generous community have brought to me with love in their hearts, and the best of intentions. Stuff that sat in my late mother’s house for decades and hold some emotional ties for me. Stuff that survived the Holocaust while my grandparents, did not. Stuff that might be useful every now and then. So much stuff it makes me crazy! The sad part is that I’m pretty sure each and every one of us is in this predicament of having much too much. And now, as the holidays approach, the spending frenzy commences and we as a society start to purchase more stuff to offer up as gifts to everyone from our nearest and dearest to people we barely know.

The environmental impact of our current level of consumerism has been scientifically proven to be dangerously unsustainable. Gently scrape the surface of consumerism and we see what hell our baubles were built on. It’s a sorry state of affairs when items and artifacts need to be labeled ‘fair-trade’ to assure you no women, men or children were enslaved and/or tortured to produce the handbag you’ll use a fistful of times before replacing it with another. We all stick our heads in the sand to some degree or another when filling our lives with mere creature comforts or special treats. You would go absolutely bonkers trying to research every purchase, limiting your acquisitions to those that fit in the tiny box of environmentally and ethically kosher.

Level Ground Trading Fair Trade Coffee

Level Ground Trading keeping it fair.

So, how do you get through the holiday season without appearing to be a curmudgeonly Scrooge? My answer to this annual puzzle – the same answer I offer to pretty much any query – is FOOD. Not just any food, of course, but local food. Handmade food. Homemade food. Real food. Food that has a face to it, not a factory. Food that is delicious, and unique, and beautiful. We all need to eat, and so the gift of good food is both functional and decorative.

As December approaches, I would like to encourage you to consider sharing some of your favourite artisan foods as gifts. Of course we can make it very easy for you with our Singing Bowl Granola Subscription Boxes (you can order just one or you can order a monthly delivery).

Singing Bowl Granola Breakfast Box

Singing Bowl Granola Breakfast Box


Or, you may want to gather a variety of locally produced, artisanal foods and create a gift basket. I have been so fortunate in my journey with Singing Bowl Granola to have befriended dozens of other incredible food producers. If you’re thinking of assembling your own gift baskets, here is a list of Victoria-based culinary geniuses offering the best that money can buy.

Some local goodies ready for gift giving.

Rock Coast

Pure Lovin’ Chocolate

Tout de Sweet Confections

Melinda’s Biscotti

Benjamin’s Bites (allergen-free)

Good Bite Bar

Divine Sprout

Jenny Marie’s Cracker Company

Cowichan Pasta


Hee Haw Horseradish

Fatso Hybrid Peanut Butter

Island Nut Roastery

Level Ground Trading

Earth’s Herbals

Victoria Soda Works

All of these companies are small, family-run enterprises producing unique and wonderful foods and beverages.  

If you prefer to go with just Singing Bowl Granola gifts, we’ll be offering a 10% discount on all Singing Bowl Granola Breakfast Boxes and Subscriptions from November 20th – December 21st. Be sure to use the promo code Good_Food_Gift to get your discount!

Everybody's favourite granola and specialty porridge!

However you choose to express your love and gratitude for others, I hope that when the holidays do arrive, you and yours are blessed with an abundance of good food.



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