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This guest post written by my lovely friend and local nutritionist extraordinaire Cordelia McFadyen arrived in my mailbox at the perfect time. I had to get a new phone yesterday, so had spent the better part of my Saturday afternoon in a mega mall, consuming expensive products from the box store chain. By the time I got home, I'd felt that my soul had been sucked right out of me.  I can assure you, whenever I purchase locally made items direct from the creator, my soul feels nourished.  As the popularity of farmers' markets and craft shows rises, I'm pretty sure that many, many people are also recognizing how their consuming habits make them feel and choosing to  put their money where their heart is.

Cordelia is a vocal champion of all things 'local', particularly good food.  I hope her wisdom will inspire you this holiday season to move away from the box stores, and, when giving gifts, choose locally sourced, artisanal items.  Just remember, you can never go wrong with a lovely basket of local, handmade food.


My Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Vocal for Local

By: Cordelia McFadyen of Inspired Living Nutrition Inc


 With the holidays fast approaching there is no better time to embrace the food movement that is ‘Vocal for Local’! Ok ok, so that term may be new to you but it’s been an important part of my life for many years now. What started out as a way to ensure I was eating seasonally, and thereby increasing the nutrient density, has become a way for me to support my favourite local businesses.

 I love supporting local businesses so much that I want to share with you my top 3 reasons why being ‘Vocal for Local’ is so fantastic! 

  1. Support Small Business

 In today’s world where we’re dominated by Amazon deals and their free delivery it can be all too easy to forget that small businesses are a critical part of the environment and look of where you live. What would your community look like if everyone purchased their groceries and supplies online? Would you have the beautiful small farm stands that are so easy and convenient to stop at for that seasons harvest?

 It’s easy to de-value goods and opt for the “cheap” option however there is always an additional cost that isn’t being communicated when you spend your money supporting companies that are hundreds or thousands of kilometres away from you.

 I’m not saying don’t buy stuff online, trust me I love the convenience too; however, I am aware of the great efforts that are being put forth by the variety of creative minds in my community and for me, I want to continue to see new ideas and products enter the market locally. To do that I need to invest in it. Every dollar helps to support another’s dream.

When you buy from a small business and actual person does a Happy Dance!

Yup. I definitely do a happy dance when you buy my granola!


  1. It’s Sociable!

Shopping locally, especially for Christmas, provides so many awesome ways to connect with your friends and family. I mean, c’mon, there are a TON of lovely markets almost every weekend out here on the Coast. You can spend a little bit of money, a lot or none at all. The point is you went out and checked out what’s being made in your community and you had quality time with your friends. I guarantee you’ll see something that you want and it feels really good to support a local community member during a time of the year that is so important to their bottom line.

 When you shop from the big box store like Walmart for example, it can be harder to quantify the positive impact that it has on your community, whereas when you make a purchase from a local supplier you can see the positive impact almost immediately, the first sign is their smile and gratitude!


2019 Dickens Christmas Craft Fair Victoria BC 

James Bay has been hosting this wonderful craft fair for over 20 years.

  1. Your Gut Will Love You for It

This may seem like a stretch but bear with me! I don’t know about you but one of the main draws for the holiday season for me is all of the delicious meals that I get to enjoy with family and friends.

 We are not what we eat but rather what we absorb and assimilate.

With that in mind it’s important for me to eat ethically raised meat as much as possible, my local butcher in Brentwood Bay makes it easy for me to have a great quality turkey, Christmas sausages and of course bacon.

We can never forget the veg! And we never would with the abundance of local farms that have an abundance of potatoes, root vegetables, local meads and more that tie together that special holiday meal.

When your food is raised locally and naturally with the absence of pesticides and herbicides your gut will be able to receive the nutrients you’re eating without the added risk of increased inflammation and irritation, no one has that on their Christmas list. Not only that but when you’re eating in a joyful state (Read: no stress!) your body is primed for optimal digestion.

So, there you have it, my top 3 reasons for why shopping ‘Vocal for Local’ is so important to me.

 Now it’s your turn, tell me your favourite local shop!

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