When Reality Bites, we bite back!

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When reality bites, we bite back.  One of the glaring realities these days is that more and more members of our community are turning to food banks, while the number of donations is declining noticeably.  Another reality that may not seem quite so obvious is that most people really do care about their fellow humans and want to help each other.  Though there are many individuals and families in our community who are struggling financially, there are also many amazing folk who are doing okay and wondering how to help those who are not. 

It is generally accepted business wisdom that new products are created as a solution to an identified problem. Food insecurity is a problem that is growing at a frightening rate in our community and requires many different solutions.  I think I may have recently created a product that, with your help, will hopefully put a dent in local food poverty.

Like many of you, I spend a great deal of energy wondering how I can help others who are struggling, yet it can be really hard knowing what action will be the most beneficial.  What I do know is that we all need to eat, and we all deserve to eat good food. Far too many of our neighbours are going without food altogether.  As a food producer I have access to the required resources to produce vast quantities of nourishing snacks to share with those in need, but I will need your help.

The solution that I’ve created to help reduce local food insecurity is a new product that I’m calling REALITY BITES – soft, tasty, nutritious, easy to eat granola bites for our neighbours who need to be fed.

You all know the old saying that ‘sharing is caring’. When you buy REALITY BITES you have the opportunity to show how much you care about the unhoused and hungry members of our community by sharing your food with them. For every package of REALITY BITES you buy, we will be giving a package to local outreach workers and food banks to distribute directly to those in need.

Food is energy. Food is love. Food helps us through tough situations.  With your help, I hope to share love and nourishment with those who need it the most.  I encourage you to buy lots of REALITY BITES to share with your friends, and to share with complete strangers.  Together, we can make this world a kinder, better place.

 Love & light,


 “The most renewable energy on the planet is not solar energy. It’s the human capacity for love, kindness, and forgiveness.” Thomas Clayton Müller


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  • Thanks Jessica for everything you do! You are so right we all want to do something to help others who are not as fortunate. Reality bites it’s a brilliant idea. Go get them to the people😊

    Diane Shaskin on

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